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Geruchten Pokémon X en Y; nieuwe fairy-types, nieuwe evoluties en nieuwe Pokémon!


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Olivier Vanilla

Praeses Watermeloen, Blauwe Bes en Red Bull Wodka (MAAR NIET FRISTI) van 2009 t/m 2019
Praeses Watermeloen, Blauwe Bes en Red Bull Wodka (MAAR NIET FRISTI) van 2009 t/m 2019

Een geruchtenbron, die een paar maanden geleden actief was, heeft weer een aantal geruchten de wereld in laten gaan. Een paar maanden terug gaf hij al een groot aantal geruchten weg, waarvan het merendeel waar was. Voorbeelden waren de komst van een Fairy-Type, een tweede Mega-evolutie voor Mewtwo en de introductie van twee nieuwe Pokémon, Inkay en Meowstick. Niks van de volgende geruchten is dus 100% zeker, maar, afgaande op zijn eerdere geruchten, kan je er van uit gaan dat het volgende waar is:

Pokebeach schreef:

Trusk is a Grass/Rock boar Pokemon with long green tusks coming out of its mouth. He is gruff, has grey skin, and features green leaf-like ears. It has an “adorable” pre-evolution with tiny tusks and a leaf at the end of its tail.

A Normal/Poison porcupine Pokemon named Quillom can be found quite early in the game in the forest. It has white skin with light purple quills. He has a Poison-type quill attack which damages and has a high chance of poison.

A Ghost-type spider Pokemon is found in caves. It is dark gray with blue spots and multiple light grey eyes. It has a feint light blue mist around its abdomen. The source doesn’t remember the spelling of its name, but says it was something like “Apparachnid.” He thinks it may have an evolution.

There is a Ground-type badger Pokemon that is dark brown with black stripes going up its face. It knows Slash and a new biting move.
Reconfirmation that Froakie’s final evolution is Water/Fighting. It looks similar to a poison dart frog. The dark blue now takes over its body almost entirely. There are a few even darker (almost black) spots on his sides and face and it gains more of the bubble foam around its neck and down the back. It’s also a bit bulkier. It uses its hind legs a lot and has kicking attacks.

Bunnelby evolves into a Ground/Dark type rabbit that is larger and much rounder. Its color scheme is reversed, with the dark brown now being the prominent color. It can be found in caves. It is useful because you can get it early in the game and use it to evolve Pancham into Pangoro.

Helioptile has an evolution. It is bipedal with a second yellow triangle on its face. Its ears become more jagged and it looks meaner. On its back are what look like spikes with jagged parts at the very top. It can learn a new attack called Thunder Roll, where it rolls up like a wheel and strikes the opponent.

Reconfirmation that Meowstic has a pre-evolution named Espurr. There is no gender differentiation until it evolves. It is mostly white, similar to the female version, with cuter eyes and a single puffy tail. It has a little patch of fur under its head (similar to its evolutions). The fur is dark blueish with little tufts of white in it.

Other Pokemon that are now Fairy-type: the Chansey evolution line, Dunsparce, the Clefairy line, and Togepi’s line.

Fairy Dust is a new move that will randomly cause either Paralysis, Poison, Sleep, or Burn.

Like Magneton, Wailmer is part of one of the Super Training Facility games.

Team Flare makes an appearance right at the beginning of the game. On the TV in your house, one of its members talks about fashion and how your Pokemon should match your style. Team Flare’s signature music has an eerie accordion sound to it in the opening sequence.

The outfit your character wears at the start is colored to match what you’ve set as your favorite color in your 3DS settings. It can be changed easily though.

The opening cinematic is in 3D. (Have to mention this since most of the game isn’t in stereoscopic 3D. :p) It starts off with Yveltal’s cry, which wakes you up. You sit up in your bed. It then pans and there is a shot of your city. Yveltal’s shadow goes over it. After that there is some other shots of your town. You seem amazed that you saw Yveltal. It then shows generic in-game shots like you entering a forest with your friends, selecting your starter, running through a cave, etc. After that it shows Sycamore welcoming you. You are standing outside of his lab at the time, then he takes you inside. It then shows him showing you three Poke Balls which leads into a transformation video where it shows all three Kanto starters evolving to their final forms, and then the three of them Mega Evolving. It’s a really cool cinematic. The video ends with Yveltal flying with the sun behind him, leading in to the title screen. Team Flare is also shown at some point in the sequence.

On the title screen you can use the analog joystick on your 3DS to change the angle at which you see Xerneas/Yveltal.

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